What is Aerospace Works for Washington?


Aerospace Works for Washington is a statewide coalition of elected, business and community leaders working to ensure Washington state remains a leader in aerospace. Our role is to advocate for Washington’s aerospace industry — now and into the future — in Olympia and across the state.

How is this different than the Aerospace Futures Alliance?


The Aerospace Futures Alliance advocates on behalf of the aerospace industry (aviation, space and UAVs) statewide, bringing together the estimated 1450 aerospace and related businesses—and industries, municipalities and academia that benefit from the industry—to enact, advocate for, and promote policy to keep the industry strong; to retain, grow and attract aerospace businesses; and to retain and grow aerospace jobs. AFA supports numerous workforce development initiatives across the state, and provides market intelligence and networking opportunities to the industry.

Why is this coalition coming together now?


Aerospace growth in Washington state remains strong, attracting hundreds of companies and creating thousands of new jobs. Boeing is preparing to launch a new airplane program in the coming years that promises to build on the investments the state has already made in the 787 and 777X airplanes. In addition, our growing space exploration industry, with companies like Space X and Blue Origins, is opening up another dimension for Washington’s continued aerospace leadership role. However, increased international competition is putting new economic pressure on growth for the entire global industry.

We need a strong statewide partnership in order to remain a global leader in this industry for generations to come. Rather than talking about reopening a deal that is already working for Washington, we should focus on the approaching challenges and potential for a new airplane program in the state. Changing the aerospace industry tax incentives casts doubt on the state’s willingness to honor its commitments and puts thousands of jobs at risk. The best thing the state can do to maintain and grow aerospace jobs is honor its commitment. Let’s keep the industry working for everyone.

What role does aerospace play in our state’s economy?


  • 224,000: Total jobs supported by the aerospace industry in 2018
  • $94.4 billion: Total business revenues generated by the aerospace industry in 2018
  • $20.5 billion: Washington wages supported by the aerospace industry in 2018
  • $567.1 million: Total state taxes supported directly and indirectly by the aerospace industry in 2018, including revenues to pay for vital services like education, social services, and infrastructure

How many aerospace companies exist in Washington and how many jobs are tied to aerospace?


According to the Washington Aerospace Partnership, the aerospace industry is made up of more than 1,400 aerospace and related companies located in 35 of the 39 counties in Washington state. Direct employment at these firms stands at 136,100 employees — an increase of 3,700 jobs from 2014.

How has Boeing employment changed over the years?


  • The share of Boeing’s workforce based in Washington has grown more than 10 percent since 2000, when only 39 percent of Boeing jobs were located in Washington
  • Since 2011, the share of Boeing’s workforce based in Washington has remained steady, accounting for just under half of the company’s jobs

What investments are aerospace companies currently making in Washington state?


Washington state’s aerospace industry continues to grow. According to the Washington Aerospace Partnership’s 2016 Economic Impacts Update, between 2012 and 2015 the industry experienced growth in jobs, revenues, income and exports.

What is the value of the tax incentives for Washington state’s aerospace industry?


In 2015, 346 companies used the Aerospace Industry Tax Incentives for a total value of $326.8 million, and the industry contributed more than $94 billion in economic activity. In 2014 Boeing suppliers alone spent nearly $6 billion in the state, and in 2015 aerospace jobs supported $21.3 billion in wages. The incentives are working for Washington.

  • Impact

    • Aerospace & Related Industry Jobs
    • Revenue (mils, 2015 $)
    • Income (mils, 2015 $)
    • Aerospace Exports from WA
      (billions, 2015 $)

  • 2012

    • 132,500
    • 77,939.3
    • 20,402.2
    • $38,800.0

  • 2015

    • 136,100
    • 94,654.2
    • 21,300.0
    • $51,600.0

How many companies use the tax incentives and where are they located?


Approximately 1 out of every 4 of the more than 1,400 aerospace companies in the state use the aerospace incentives, contributing to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs

Is Boeing planning to build another new plane? What does that mean for our state?


There has been a great deal of speculation in the media about the next Boeing airplane. Washington state is well positioned for a new airplane program given the investments already made in the 787 and 777X airplanes. Aerospace Works for Washington wants to ensure that our state maintains that advantage into the future.