Boeing, lobby group team up to defend $8.7 billion in state tax breaks

The new group, Aerospace Works for Washington, will be a “megaphone” to warn that jobs are at risk, said Maud Daudon, chief executive of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, which is leading the effort.

New coalition urges state to keep aerospace industry strong, honor its commitment

Elected, business, and community leaders from across Washington state today announced the formation of a new coalition, Aerospace Works for Washington (AWW), to keep the state a global leader in aerospace.

Study: Washington’s aerospace employment is holding steady

Washington’s aerospace industry continues to bring in more money to the state while its employment holds steady, according to a state-commissioned study released Thursday.

Report on aerospace industry shows climbing wages, job numbers since state tax breaks

Aerospace and related jobs continue to grow in Washington and Pierce County, a newly released report shows. The Washington Aerospace Partnership released the report Thursday, which shows climbing wages and a growing industry across the state.

Spike Aerospace eyes four Washington state sites for supersonic jet project

The supersonic jet developer is considering four sites in Washington state for its eventual aircraft manufacturing facility.

Aerospace employment here steady overall, study concludes

At the governor’s annual aerospace summit Thursday, the latest data on Washington state’s aerospace industry was released, showing a total economic impact last year of $94.7 billion supporting more than a quarter million jobs.

Can Boeing compete with the Airbus A321neo? And does it want to?

Boeing has a problem with its airplane product lineup, and its name is the Airbus A321neo. Airlines around the world are rushing to order the A321neo, which has posted more than 1,200 orders so far. And that leaves Boeing with a question: Does it need a new plane?

Boeing’s 100th anniversary is a big story made possible by small businesses

The 100th anniversary of Boeing is more than just a chance to reflect on the company itself. It’s also a chance to recognize the hundreds — yes, hundreds — of Washington small businesses that contribute to Boeing’s success, a vast network of small and medium-size manufacturers located in every corner of the state.

In good times and bad, Boeing’s force field has shaped region’s fortunes

Boeing’s Washington workforce is still larger than Microsoft’s and Amazon’s combined, and it occupies a unique role in the state’s economic history.

Boeing Advancing Toward Developing New Midsize Jetliner

After a year of meetings with potential customers, Boeing Co. is advancing toward developing an all-new jetliner with up to 270 seats that would target midrange flights of up to 10 hours.

State’s aerospace tax breaks went to nearly 290 companies, large and small

The lion’s share went to Boeing, but 286 others also got their state tax bills reduced in the past two years thanks to Washington’s special incentives for the industry.